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Yarrow Dunham

Yarrow Dunham

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I am a social and developmental psychologist interested in the developmental origins of social cognitive processes. A major focus of my work has been the development of implicit social attitudes and stereotypes. This research has suggested that implicit preferences for the ingroup do not have to be learned; rather, they may emerge directly from the process of intergroup categorization.

I have also worked on developmental psycholinguistics, exploring the conditions under which linguistic differences entail cognitive differences. For further details on my work, please visit:

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Group Processes
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Person Perception
  • Political Psychology
  • Prejudice and Stereotyping
  • Self and Identity
  • Social Cognition

Research Group or Laboratory:

Journal Articles:

Other Publications:

Yarrow Dunham
Department of Psychology
2 Hillhouse Ave
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut 06511
United States

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